Using the Hey Cleaning Technology brushing and Foaming system has proved to be an effective, time efficient and cost saving purchase. Our engineers find the set up and use to be simple and produces excellent results when compared to traditional cleaning methods. An excellent labour saving product which we use time and time again.


Robert - ACSUK

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Investing in HEY Cleaning technology has set Crystal Surface apart from other manual duct cleaning companies. 


HEY Cleaning Technology has allowed me to offer my customers a better service by accessing areas of the ductwork other companies have not been able to.


​My teams have felt more motivated to do the job because I have invested in tools for them to do the work more efficiently and to a higher standard.


Nick Robinson - Crystal Surface

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We have invested in Hey Technology by mounting an Ultrasonic Dip Tank in a van, this has pushed our services above most other duct cleaning companies.


Being able to offer a clean & safe service using state or the art technology  with outstanding results the tank also allows our operatives more time on the job rather than manually cleaning.  We also use other Hey Group cleaning chemicals  such as Blitz & Zap with a  huge success rate on jobs that other chemicals have failed on, look forward to using more machinery & chemicals in the future.  Highly recommended.


Duff McDonald - Pristine Ducts

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At Chapmans Ventilation, it is important for us to provide a long term service to our clients, up and beyond just installing the system. Since we have recommended RZ-Ecoseal to several of our high profile clients, we have reduced their expenditure on maintenance and cleaning costs, as well as stopping leaking grease and smell issues.


Some of our clients have now specified RZ-Ecoseal in all their UK and European new build sites as standard.

Martin Burrows-Gee - Chapman Ventilation Ltd.

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